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Regarding Insurance

Orix Rent a Car rental rates include insurance coverage

Check the details below.

Insurance coverage

Our vehicles have the following insurance coverage under the condition of wearing seatbelts.

Bodily injury

Unlimited per person other than driver and passengers (including automobile liability insurance)

Property damage

Unlimited per accident (50,000 yen fee will be incurred for exclusion of liability)

Car damage

Up to the actual value per accident (50,000 yen fee will be incurred for exclusion of liability)

Personal and bodily injury of driver and passengers

Up to 30 million yen per person

Compensation will be paid for injuries to driver and passengers (including death and residual disability) regardless of the driver's responsibility (up to 30 million yen; the amount of damage will be calculated by the insurance company based on the insurance cause).
Road service
All vehicles
Vehicle transport service: Covers up to 150,000 yen (tax included) per accident. Amounts more than 150,000 yen shall be borne by customer. Vehicles shall be transported to our designated factories, etc.
Emergency first aid service: When your rental car stops running due to car problems like engine failure or weak battery, assistance carried out in 30 minutes will be given. Work not applicable to the service or any part beyond the range of compensation will be billed to the customer.

Items applicable to emergency first aid service

Road service

cable jumping 【◎】 / various valve and fuse replacement 【◎】 / assistance carried out in 30 minutes 【◎】 / engine coolant supply 【◎】

Out of gas

fuel delivery service (10 liters of gasoline or diesel fuel when out of gas*1 【◎*3】 / transport service to a charging station when you run out of electricity 【◎*3


opening the lock when locked out*2 (ordinary cylinder locks) 【◎】


exchange with spare tire 【◎】
※ A car with a flat tire will be transported to the nearest gas station when there's no spare. No transport fee.
Wheel loss or off-road accident towing (within 1 m)【◎】 / damaged tire repair or tire cost【actual cost】

"Out of gas" is when you can't start an engine from lack of fuel.
Available only to those whose identity can be verified with rental reservation.
・ When reserved driver name matches the one on the driver's license
・ When reserved corporation name matches the one on a business card or employee ID or driver's license
Available only once per rental.
Some cases may not meet some conditions and may incur additional payment.
Immediate payment is requested for services other than those above.
Deductible: the amount paid by customers from the total amount of compensation for property damage and car damage.
Some portion of road service is within our insurance coverage. In principle, however, the amount exceeding amount of compensation, deductible, accidents listed in the disclaimer, accidents violating rental agreement, and damage from usage are the customer's responsibility.

The coverage program does not apply to the following cases

Negligence in reporting to the police and to our company when an accident has occurred.
Usage in violation of clauses in the rental agreement.
Damage was caused by unauthorized (illegal) parking
Driving under the influence of alcohol and drunk driving
Drug use
Unauthorized extension
The rental car was driven by a person other than the driver and the co-driver written in the agreement
Driving without a license (including cases where you drove a vehicle type that was not permitted and/or where you drove while your driver’s license was suspended)
An unauthorized business arrangement was made
You used the rental car for conducting various tests and/or games, for towing another car, and/or for pushing another car from behind
Other accidents and/or similar incidents corresponding to the exclusion of liability stipulated in the rental agreement (renting agreement)
Other cases listed as disclaimer in the insurance agreement.
An accident was caused intentionally
The key is missing or damaged
Damage to properties that you possess, use and/or manage
Damages caused by earthquake, eruption, or tsunamigenic earthquake or eruption
Improper use or management of the rental car.
The rental car was stolen when you parked it with the key left in the key hole or without locking the car
Repair costs were incurred because the rental car was used in a bad manner, resulting in damage and/or corrosion of the body of the rental car and so forth
An item equipped in the vehicle was soiled and/or damaged
An item equipped with the vehicle was missing and/or damaged
The rental car's wheel cover is missing or damaged
Damage was caused by installing a tire chain, a carrier, and/or a child seat, and/or by carrying out an improper installation
The vehicle was damaged when driving on a sea coast, river bed, or woodland path, and/or on a place other than a roadway(an accident happened on a place other than on a managed and maintained road)
Repair costs were incurred due to mistaking the fuel type when refilling the tank
Damage was caused by an operation carried out by a person who was not qualified for operating a crane, a vehicle for work in high places, and/or similar
Damage to the crane body of a crane vehicle (including outriggers)
You will be responsible for paying the actual cost of the above mentioned damage to which the insurance and compensation system will not be applied, or any damage exceeding the maximum compensation limit.
It is necessary to report to the police if you would like the compensation system to be applied to any damage caused by a hit-and-run accident carried out by an unknown person, or any damage caused by someone breaking into the rental car.

About Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Program

CDW is a program in which customer co-payment is waived in the insurance coverage
(special contract items / disclaimer compensation system) .

CDW is not included in the rental rates. Enrollment is optional.

Other than the following classes MC, ME, WA~WC class


(tax included)/ 24 hours

E, RE, EE class and above


(tax included)/ 24 hours

Liability fee is an amount the customer bears among compensation for property and vehicle damage.
Fifteen-day fees will be charged for a rental agreement for the period from 15 days to one month, though compensation covers the rental period.

Seat-belt use is required.

About Non-Operation Charges (NOCs)

As a part of compensation for business, when an accident, theft, trouble, damage, etc.,
occur not from the responsibility of our company, and repair and cleaning of a vehicle is required,
the following will be billed to the customer (damage to the interior, burnt holes in a seat are subject to NOCs).

1. Customer drives a rental car and drops off at reserved rental site


2. Rental car cannot be operated


150,000 yen (tax included) charged for vehicle transport to our designated factory is within compensation.
The amount exceeding that figure is the customer's responsibility.

About Rental car Assistance Pack (RAP)

This program exempts the customer from payment of an NOC (Non Operation Charge) in the event of an accident.

In the event of a flat tire, this program exempts the customer from payment of the damaged tire repair fee or the price of a new tire, as well as the extra rental fee for a hour after the planned return time. In addition, this program refunds the difference in full (normally 50%) when the vehicle is returned early.

Classes other than those listed below *1


(tax included)/ 24 hours

E・EE・RE・ME・WAclass and above


(tax included)/ 24 hours

Enrollment and cancellation in the middle of rental period is not allowed.
Enrollment fee of 15 days applies for rental period from 15 days to a month and covers entire rental period.
Trucks larger than TB classes, double-cab vehicles, and customized vehicles (except for assistive vehicles) are not covered.

Enrollment is available in the shop before driving. Ask a staff member for details.

Enrollment in Rental Car Assistance Pack (RAP) entitles you to the following services:

Payment exemption of accident-related NOCs

20,000 or 50,000 yen for business compensation.

Cost to repair or replace tires exempted

Join RAP at contract time, and you'll be at ease: it also covers tire problems.

We may ask customers to pay temporarily for repair or tire costs. Payment will be refunded when receipt is shown at drop-off.
New tire should be of the same grade as damaged one, max. 20,000 yen (tax included).

1 additional hour is free of charge

No need to worry about being late due to a traffic jam! Relax and drive safely to the store.

You have to pay any extra fees if the vehicle is returned more than 1 hour later than planned.
Contact the store at least 1 hour before the planned return time.
Vehicle must be returned within business hours.

Refunds for an early return

Normally, 50% of the difference is refunded in case of an early return, but you can receive a full refund with this.

Usage of up to 12 hours is not covered.

From RAP enrollment to assistance

  • Enrollment
    (at contract time)
  • Trouble Occurs
  • Contact BeBorn
    (translation center)
  • Road service staff
    will rush to the site
Which may take some time in mountainous areas.

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