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CCPA Request Form

This is the inquiry form for CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

Thank you for visiting the ORIX-Rent a Car website.
We welcome any questions you may have and ask you to fill in the form.

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We will respond to inquiries received on weekends, public holidays and Year End/New Year Holidays on or after the following business day.

Depending on the content, it might require some time for reply.

Personal information such as name, address, telephone number, etc., as well as questions or comments shall be handled with care and discretion. See Privacy Policy for details.
The email response we send you is for your eyes only. We ask that you refrain from publishing or reprinting any such message content, either as primary or secondary usage, or show or send such content to any third party.

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※ We appreciate any comments or queries you may have about this website, in addition to your inquiry.

If we receive a request from you, we may verify your identity based on personal information we already have on you or we may request you provide additional information or documents to verify your identity. Please be aware that we process all requests in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, so we may be unable to comply with your request(s) in some cases. In addition, please be aware before making a request that we may become unable to provide certain services that we previously provided as a result of restricting the use of or deleting your personal information.