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About ORIX Rent a Car

ORIX Rent a Car is proud to say we rank number two in Japan's rental car industry and for good reason. With our broad countrywide network, comprising more than 1,000 rental sites (as of September 30, 2017), we've been serving the needs of highly satisfied Japanese and international drivers since 1973 by deploying a vast and varied fleet of 66,000 vehicles (as of September 30, 2017) attended by courteous, professional staffers.

In addition to our ever-expanding system and automobile choices from mini to luxury models, ORIX Rent a Car remains vigilant about environmental impact and sustainability, especially with our stock of hybrids-totaling about 6,000-and EVs.

Our attention to the environment has been a parallel concern with commitment to local communities for over 40 years and to social contributions for the welfare of one and all. Safety, convenience, efficiency, economy, and reliability: these are just some of the values you'll find at every ORIX Rent a Car rental site.

ORIX Rent a Car In Brief


More than 1,000 rental locations across Japan

All of our more than 1,000 sites or counters (as of September 30, 2017) second in the national industry are conveniently located for easy access, in or near major train stations and airports, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.


Vast and varied fleet

When you want a car to meet your needs, we have the variety of domestic and international models to satisfy your demanding lifestyle, whether driving for business, pleasure, or family fun.


Top compensation

We provide one of the top industry compensation plans to ensure you'll rent our cars at ease and with peace of mind.


Smooth reservation by PC and smartphone (24 hours)

Reservations by computer and smartphone make your rental process smoother and easier than ever, which means we respond to last-minute needs that you're free to communicate anytime. In fact, we accept reservations up to one hour before rental. We respond to your sudden needs for a rental car. Feel free to use our service any time.

Company Outline


ORIX Auto Corporation


June 1, 1973


Yuji Kamiyauchi

Head Office

Address: 3-22-8, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-6436-6000 (switchboard)


ORIX Corporation. 100% investment.

Main Operations

Car rental, leasing, sharing service, used-car sales and sales support

Type and number of offices
※ Current as of the end of March, 2019

Car leasing operation offices: 54
Car rental sites: 1,055
Car-sharing service sites: 1,790

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