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FAQs - Reservations in General

Here are questions frequently asked about reservations in general.

Reservation in General FAQs

  • Are pets allowed to ride in the rental car?


  • Do you have ETC card rentals?

    Reservations can be made on this website. Please specify it when you choose your options. Some Rental Sites do not handle ETC cards.

  • Can an infant ride without a child seat?

    No. The law requires child seats for children ages five and younger.

  • Can I rent a child seat without renting a car?


  • Are personal child seats allowed?

    Yes. Rental site staff may assist in their set up, but we ask customers to do so themselves.

  • Does the car come with GPS?

    Yes. All cars do, free of charge. English, Chinese, and Korean GPS availability varies by rental site.

  • Can I rent a chauffeur-driven car?

    No, we don't rent such vehicles.

  • What is the longest period for a rental?

    One month.

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