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Customers who made a reservation themselves must bring the following for rental site pick-up:

image:Valid driver's license + Passport
  • Valid driver's license

    (international driving permits based on the Geneva Convention)

  • ID documents: Bring one of the following.
    • Passport*1
    • Certification of Information Recorded on Foreign Resident Registration File*2
    • Alien Residence Card*3
    Please show our staff your landing date in the stamp of your passport.
    If you use automated gate for entering / leaving Japan, please bring your airline ticket together.
    Within two months of issuance
    The one who owns the Alien Residence Card, please show it to the staff.
  • Credit card or Japanese yen

    (D, ED, and RD classes, and the stated higher-grade vehicles must be paid by credit card.)

  • ETC card

    (unnecessary if not to be used)

  • Valid driver's license for other passengers who may drive
  • Rental Terms & Conditions

    (fill out before pick-up for smooth processing)

At the rental site:

Contract details will be explained, so do ask questions to clarify any unclear points.Then, check car exterior. Tell our staff about any concerns you may have, such as scratches. Before pick-up, ask our staff to clarify any unclear points about car operation, including how to open and fill gas tank, ETC card slot, and more.

Customers with child passenger(s): confirm that every child seat is secure and firmly set. Adjust seat position, seat belt, mirror, and whatever necessary for safe driving and check that all passengers have their seat belts buckled.

All passengers are required by law to wear seatbelts.

Ask our staff to clarify any unclear points before pick-up. clicking FAQs (Contact Us).

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