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ETC Card Rental

About ETC Card Rental Service

ETC Card rental fee

330 yen
(tax included)


At drop-off time, a breakdown of usage recorded on the card (IC chip) is issued. Please pay the amount in cash or ORIX-affiliated credit card.

We don't take reservations for ETC cards. Please inquire when renting at the Pick-up Site.
Availability is limited, so we may not have the vehicle you wish.

Consult with our staff about how to fill in the form when you request ETC Card rental by phone. Check notable points on ETC Card Rental Service stipulated by ORIX Auto Corporation, sign Rental Contract and ETC Card Rental Agreement, and then service usage commences.

Be sure to read notable points on ETC Card Rental Service!

If your rental ETC Card is used by a third party during your card rental, then you are responsible for the tolls.
Tolls are the fees recorded on the IC chip (fees shown at tollgates).
In the event of loss or theft of an ETC card, contact your rental site asap. As long as it's not caused by willfulness or significant negligence, toll fees on and after the next day of reported loss or theft won't be charged to customers.
When ETC Card is lost, stolen, damaged or deformed, we ask you to pay 3,000 yen as card compensation.
When ETC Card is lost, stolen, damaged or deformed, and usage breakdown cannot be issued at a drop-off site, we ask you to pay 10,000 yen as deposit. When ORIX Auto Corporation receives an invoice from highway operators later, any difference between invoiced amount and deposit will be settled, either return or charge the balance.
We may contact customers when we receive questions from highway operators about driving with ETC card (including after rental period). Please understand that in compliance with highway operator request, we may disclose personal information like name, address, and contacts.
When rental cars aren't returned after the end of the reserved rental period, we will notify highway operators of ETC Card invalidity.
ORIX Auto Corporation takes no responsibility in resolving any dispute as well as compensation for damage generated from ETC system use. Please direct any enquiries to highway operators.

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