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FAQs - Fees and Payment

Here are questions frequently asked about fees and payment.

Fee and Payment FAQs

  • How do you calculate rental fees?

    Hourly rates + disclaimer compensation fee (optional) + options fee (optional) + one-way charge. For details, press here.

  • When do I pay?

    We provide estimated fees based on contract time and other factors at pick-up and request fee settlement at drop-off.

  • Can I pay with my credit card?

    Yes. In principle, we prefer payment by credit cards affiliated with each rental site. For details, press here.

  • Can I split fees to charge with more than two credit cards?

    No. We prefer a single, lump-sum, revolving, or monthly installment payment by a credit card affiliated with a rental site.

  • What about cash payments?

    Please pay in Japanese yen. D, RD Class and above car type rentals, however, are by credit card payment only. For details, press here.

  • Are there an additional fees based on distance driven?

    No, there isn't.

  • Are there cancellation penalties?

    Yes. Cancellation penalties may apply. There are no penalties for cancellation seven days before pick-up, but cancellation after that incurs prescribed penalties. For details, press here.

  • How are fees calculated for late drop-off?

    Prescribed penalty fees will incur. If you're late without contacting your rental site, then additional prescribed penalties will be incurred. An additional fee for campaigns uses a basic rate, and fees are increased per additional hour or additional day.

  • Does the rental fee increase in particular seasons?

    The rental fee is increased during the following: April 29-May 5, July 22-July 25, August 7-August 15, December 30-January 3 (only Hokkaido April 29-May 5, July 1-August 31, December 30-January 3). press here for details. press here.

  • Do you offer a discount program for long-term rental?

    No, we don't.

  • How are one-way fees calculated?

    Check One-Way Charges. One-way use requires advance reservation. Separate fees including a toll fee may incur. For details, press here.

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