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FAQs - Qualifications and License

Here are questions frequently asked about qualifications and license.

Qualification and License FAQs

  • Can I rent with an international driver's license?

    Foreign nationals can rent with an international driver's license issued by Geneva Convention member countries. Present your international driver's license and passport when you rent. For details, press here.

  • Is there an age limit?

    If you're older than 18, based on the Geneva Convention, you can rent a car as your license permits.

  • What is the maximum number of passengers allowed?

    Eight people. Limits vary according to international license. For details, press here.

  • Must all potential drivers show a license?

    No. However, the driver who signed the rental agreement is responsible for verifying the validity of the driver's licenses held by any other potential drivers.

  • If a rental applicant and driver differ, is there any separate application?

    Although all potential drivers must come to the rental site, there is only one rental agreement, and that is with the customer who is the primary driver who appears at the rental site.

  • I forgot to bring my license. Can I rent a car?

    It is illegal to rent a car to anyone without a driver's license.

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