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FAQs - Insurance

Here are questions frequently asked about insurance.

Insurance FAQs

  • What is the maximum liability policy?

    Bodily injury: unlimited per person; property damage: unlimited per accident; Personal and bodily injury of driver and passengers: up to 30 million yen per person. Liability and deductible figures are stipulated separately for property damage and car damage. For details, press here.

  • Is there a separate insurance fee?

    No. Our rates include insurance, compensation, and roadside assistance.

  • Is there any additional fee charged for an accident?

    We ask our customers to bear the amount of damage not covered by insurance, the amount exceeding compensation and the non-operation charge (NOC). The amount exceeding compensation will be exempted if you have signed for the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). For details, press here.

  • What is the CDW?

    CDW is a program in which customer co-payment is waived in matters of insurance compensation.

  • What is Rental car Assistance Pack (RAP)?

    This program exempts the customer from payment of an NOC (Non Operation Charge) in the event of an accident. In the event of a flat tire, this program exempts the customer from payment of the damaged tire repair fee or the price of a new tire, as well as the extra rental fee for a hour after the planned return time. In addition, this program refunds the difference in full (normally 50%) when the vehicle is returned early. press here.

  • Does insurance compensation apply to all drivers?

    Yes. All drivers of the rental car who have shown their licenses to the rental site staff are covered by insurance.

  • What cases are not covered by insurance?

    1. If required procedures including report to a police and contact rental site haven't been carried out.
    2. Violation of rental contract.
    3. If any damage is applicable to disclaimer in the insurance compensation clause concluded by the rental site.
    4. Faulty usage and management

    For details, press here.

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