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FAQs - Pick-up

Here are questions frequently asked about pick-up.

Pick-Up FAQs

  • What documentation should I bring?

    A. Please bring an ID document (certification of information Recorded on Foreign Resident Registration File, Alien Residence Card , etc.) together with a valid driver's license or international driver's license and passport. For details, press here.

    In addition, bring your credit card, and ETC card if required, fill out in advance, and bring a "Rental Terms & Conditions" for smooth processing and early pick-up, press here.

    The one who owns the Alien Residence Card, please show it to the staff.
  • Who should come to my rental site for pick-up?

    The person who made the reservation.

  • What is the basic pick-up procedure?

    Completing the rental agreement, presenting your driver's license and passport, and rental site staff's explaining insurance compensation, press here.

  • Before pick-up, will you tell me about car operation?

    On completion of rental procedures, our staff will explain how to operate a rental car.

  • Must all potential drivers show a license?

    No. However, the driver who signed the rental agreement is responsible for verifying the validity of the driver's licenses held by any other potential drivers.

  • What if I'm late for pick-up?

    Contact the pick-up site of your reserved rental. Reservations are honored up to one hour after scheduled pick-up time. After that, they may be automatically cancelled. In addition, prescribed cancellation charges may be incurred.

  • What should I do when flight cancellation prevents me from being on time?

    Contact your pick-up site as soon as you know about the cancellation.

  • What should I do when a flight delay may prevent me from going to my rental site during business hours?

    Contact your pick-up site as soon as you know about the late arrival.

  • If I come to a rental site by bicycle, motorbike, or car does the rental site look after it?

    No. We don't look after a customer's belongings.

  • Will you bring my rental car to the airport?

    No. Delivery service is not offered.

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