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FAQs - Drop-Off

Here are questions frequently asked about drop-off.

Drop-Off FAQs

  • What should I do if I'm running late?

    Contact BeBorn (translation center:092-285-9603) asap. You'll pay additional late fees at drop-off, and if you're late without contacting your rental site, then additional prescribed penalties will be incurred. Changing contract time without permission or contact is a breach of rental contract, and any damage incurred is your responsibility.

  • What should I do if I can't fill the tank?

    Please let us know at the time of drop-off. The fee will be settled using our conversion table, in accordance with distance driven.

  • Do I get an early drop-off discount?

    Yes, you do. 50% of rates based on contract time: rates based on actual usage time will be reimbursed. One-way charges are excluded from early drop-off discount.

  • I assume that I shall be issued a receipt.

    We issue a combined statement and receipt. If an independent receipt is required, please tell us.

  • Can you split receipts?

    Yes. Please tell us at drop-off time.

  • What if I left my belongings in the car?

    Contact your drop-off site asap about your forgotten or lost property. We do our best to search for property, but we are exempted from any loss or damage, as stated in our rental contract.

  • Will you come to a location I request to pick up the car I rented?

    We don't provide pick-up service.

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