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ORIX Rent a Car provides various options.

※ Some options may not be available because of stock status.

※ An 10% consumption tax rate will be applied to the following list of rental charges.

Navigation system:

Free (no charge)

  • Equipped on all vehicles

GPS Car Navigation system

The ETC Card:

Each rental will be charged
¥330 for this card

  • The ETC card reads and records an itemization of usage, so please pay this charge in cash or by credit card when you return your rental.

Some Rental Sites do not deal in ETC cards.

ETC Cards


¥1,650 / day
(Maximum fee charged:15 days)

  • Additional charge


Child Seats:

¥1,100 / seat

  • for Babies

    Child Seats - for Babies

    Newborns to one year olds


    Under 10 kg


    Under 75 cm

  • for Infants

    Child Seats - for Infants

    6 month old - Ages 4


    9 kg - under 18 kg


    75 cm - under 100 cm

  • for Students

    Child Seats - for Students

    Ages 4 - 6


    18 kg - under 32 kg


    100 cm - under 135 cm

All photos of use on infants, toddlers, and children are product images for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary from the shown image.

The law restricts child seat usage to children age five and younger. Be sure to reserve a child seat at reservation time. Rental may be refused if a child seat has not been reserved or prepared.

In principle, customers must do child seat installation. Our staff may help, but safety confirmation is the customer's responsibility. We shall not be responsible for accidents, etc., from faulty installation of a child seat or other cause.
Damage or loss of a child seat due to a customer's incorrect handling or mismanagement may incur a cost for which we are not liable.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW):

Other than the following classes, MC, ME, WA~WC class: ¥1,100 / 24 hours  |  E, RE, EE class and above: ¥2,200 / 24 hours

CDW is a program in which customer co-payment is waived in the insurance compensation (special contract items/ disclaimer compensation system).

Not included in the rental rates. Enrollment is optional.

Liability fee is an amount the customer bears among compensation for property and vehicle damage.
Fifteen-day fees will be charged for a rental agreement for the period from 15 days to one month, though compensation covers the rental period.
Seat-belt use is required.
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

About Rental Car Assistance Pack (RAP):

Classes other than those listed right column: *1 ¥660 / 24 hours  |  E, RE, EE, ME, WA class and above: ¥1,320 / 24 hours

This program exempts the customer from payment of an NOC (Non Operation Charge) in the event of an accident.

Payment exemption of accident-related NOCs.

Cost to repair or replace tires exempted. *2 *3

1 additional hour is free of charge. *4 *5 *6

Refunds for an early return. *7

Enrollment and cancellation in the middle of rental period is not allowed.
Enrollment fee of 15 days applies for rental period from 15 days to a month and covers entire rental period.
Trucks larger than TB/TAB/TFB classes, double-cab vehicles, and customized vehicles (except for assistive vehicles) are not covered.
We may ask customers to pay temporarily for repair or tire costs. Payment will be refunded when receipt is shown at drop-off.
New tire should be of the same grade as damaged one, max. 20,000 yen (tax included).
Contact the store at least 1 hour before the planned return time.
You have to pay any extra fees if the vehicle is returned more than 1 hour later than planned.
Vehicle must be returned within business hours.
Usage of up to 12 hours is not covered.

Enrollment is available in the shop before driving. Ask a staff member for details.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

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