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It's a new kind of SUV! Our Promised Eclipse Cross Campaign
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It's a new kind of SUV! Our Promised Eclipse Cross Campaign

Campaign name

It's a new kind of SUV! Our Promised Eclipse Cross Campaign

Season Covered

From June 21 to Sept. 30, 2019; including returns *Departures from Aug. 2 to 25, 2019 are excluded.


The Eclipse Cross is available for one-day rentals starting from ¥6,021 per day.

Winner of the 2019 RJC Car of the Year Award is Mitsubishi's crossover SUV, the Eclipse Cross. Take advantage of this special deal to drive it!

The targeted vehicles and their rental costs

* Consumption tax is included
* The price below is the cost of the campaign.

Eclipse Cross Image

Eclipse Cross


5 seater


Eclipse Cross

Roomy Capacity

4 adults


Suitcase = 4  |  Golf bag = 4

  • Period1 Campaign Price
  • Period2 Campaign Price



Campaign Price
Per day


For 2 days, 1 night


For 3 days, 2 nights


Per additional day




Campaign Price
Per day


For 2 days, 1 night


For 3 days, 2 nights


Per additional day


  • You'll receive an Okinawa Road Map as a gift!
  • Get "Enjoy Okinawa to the Limit! Special Privilege Coupons", featuring lots of special offers!
  • It's possible to get a car equipped with a USB/AUX port.
  • We offer cars with safety support such as special brakes designed to reduce the impact of collisions.
  • Our rental cars are also equipped with back monitor cameras.
  • This vehicle is equipped with a 4-language navigation system!
    English can be used in this navigation system!!

Other information

  • For your safety and security, insurance and compensation, as well as road-side service packages, are included with all Orix Rental Cars.【⇒Click here for details
  • Car navigation and ETC (a prepaid road-toll onboard device) come as standard equipment.
  • At the bottom of the reservation page, please proceed to "Reservations for this campaign".

Instructions regarding car rentals

All vehicles used in this campaign are non-smoking.
As a rule, all rentals of our vehicles must be paid for with our specified credit cards. Please refer to 【⇒Regarding Payment Methods】.
All vehicles feature automatic transmission.
The collision damage waiver fee (¥1,080 per 24 hours) and the safety package (¥648 per 24 hours) are not included in the price of the rental.
Car seats for children will cost an additional ¥1080 per rental. As the number of these seats is limited, they may run out.
Insurance and compensation must conform to our rules.
Gasoline and option costs are to be paid by the customer.
This may not be combined with any other discounts or special offers.
Please understand that we have a limited number of vehicles available.
All photographs are simply images of the products.
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