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Regarding Legal Revisions to the Consumption Tax Rates for Reservations made on the Official ORIX Rent-a-Car Website

Thank you very much for using ORIX Rent-a-Car.

From October 1, 2019, in line with legal revisions made to consumption tax rates, the following changes will be made to the consumption tax rates applied to reservations made on the official ORIX Rent-a-Car Website.

As we aim to improve our services even more to enhance the ease of using a rental car, all of us at ORIX Rent-a-Car ask for your continued patronage.

Regarding the Consumption Tax applied to Rental Car Fees

For charges such as basic rentals, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Rental Car Assistance Pack (RAP) fees, consumption tax rates will be as follows:

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- Departures before the end of September, 2019 Departures after the beginning of October, 2019
Reservations made
until 12:00 am on July 9 (Tues.)
The applied consumption
tax rate is 8%.

At the time of your reservation, the applied consumption tax rate was 8%. However, the difference will be added to make it 10% before pick-up at the ORIX Rental Site. We ask in advance for your understanding.

Reservations made
after 2:00 am on July 9 (Tues.)
The applied consumption
tax rate is 8%.

The applied consumption tax rate is 10%.

Until Sunday, September 1, the rental rates, options and campaign fees on the official ORIX Rent-a-Car Website (excluding our Business Rent-a-Car site) will be listed at the 8% consumption tax rate. We deeply appreciate your understanding that the consumption taxes you will be charged may differ from those on the Website. However, for rental campaigns starting from October 1st, the applied consumption tax rate of 10% will be indicated.